Issue 5 - Need a Social Media Presence

Facebook Business Page

Leverage the world's largest and best social network for business success. Helping you to attract quality customers, build loyal fans and grow your sales & profits with Facebook.

We Design Facebook Business Pages

Did you know Facebook is now the most popular website on the Internet?

We'll design your Facebook page to help you attract customers, build lasting relationships with your existing customers and to promote your business.

Effective, Professional Facebook Design!

Professional Facebook design guarantees that you stand out and impress. We will guide you through the process and get you set up quickly and easily.

Benefits of Facebook Design

You can tap into hundreds of millions of users already on Facebook, and drive word-of-mouth to a wide circle of their friends.

Facebook Pages allow you to:
•  Express your identity and brand with features like the cover banner
•  Add photos, tips, statistics, news and your business’s key milestones
•  Add information about your business, products and services
•  Respond and communicate with your customers quickly and personally


Having a business presence on Facebook enables you to share your business and products with Facebook users. It can also help increase your brand awareness, allows you to engage new clients, allows your business message to spread from friend to friend, and helps you benefit from the fast growing world of Social networking on Facebook.


Facebook is affordable and effective, for those two reasons alone, it’s competitive. If you’re looking to survive, prosper and create a successful Facebook business page for your business, then you need to always be thinking ahead of the competition. You need professional design to present your brand in a powerful and persuasive way.


Having a Facebook Business Page works… and it can grow your business! Whether you are well established business or if you are just starting out, having a professional Facebook business page is one of the cheapest and possibly the most effective ways of growing your business.

In case you're wondering, Facebook marketing involves connecting with customers and prospects via Facebook's active 955 million-member community. The result: you'll increase your exposure, grow a following, improve customer satisfaction, build strong brand advocates and achieve sales growth.

P.S. Can I be blunt? Studies show that people prefer to work with businesses that have a strong social media presence. It's not too late to get your business engaged with customers and prospects via Facebook. But if you wait, you'll be giving your competitors a significant advantage that'll be hard to overcome.

P.P.S. You don't need to do this alone. If you like the thought of joining a welcoming community of like-minded peers (1800 people attended our last Facebook summit) who'll share their experiences and wisdom as you journey together down this road, keep reading...


We’ll help you create and launch your totally customised Facebook Business Page.  It will be designed to attract your specific target market, whether that is new Mums, expecting Mums, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, fireman or fashion conscious cougars.

Professional Facebook design has limitless possibilities and potential.  We design specifically around your organisations objectives and your products and services


When a Facebook user clicks on your Facebook Business Page LIKE button, every one of their 140 friends instantly receives a promotional blurb about your business with links to your Facebook business page and links directly to your main website.

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